Your trusted partner

  • A pioneer and leader in magnetic ticketing
  • The first manufacturer of contactless tickets in Europe
  • Card personalisation service
  • CRM support
  • Preferred partner of leading system integrators

Innovative solutions for access control and customer relationship management

As public utility service providers and transport authorities aim to guarantee a reliable, responsive and innovative service for users everyday, they therefore must rely on trusted partners in key areas, especially in ticketing.

A specialist in access control for passenger transport, PARAGON has been supporting transport authorities and networks for over 100 years.

A key partner in the creation of magnetic ticketing, PARAGON has evolved and expanded its capabilities with every technological breakthrough. Testament to this evolution is Paragon’s recent investment in the development of contactless solutions and the completion of 20 ticketing system migrations in the past few years.

Paragon develops profile instantiation adapted to your network (e.g ITSO / Calypso - CD21, Tango and GTML 2 environments) for the management of user cards and contracts.

Our expertise in information technologies is demonstrated by our comprehensive range of personalisation tools for the collection of electronic files from our clients in real time and personalisation, matching, enveloping and mailing of consumables (cards, mail and envelopes) with postage optimisation.

PARAGON aims to provide our customers with reliable and innovative ticketing solutions and Customer Relationship Management services adapted to your business requirements.